Avid Candlewood Ground Break NGC

NGC is proud to announce that we have broken ground on our Avid Candlewood project in North Platte, Nebraska. This 123-room dual branded hotel combines the IHG Brands of Avid Hotels & Candlewood Suites in one building. Avid Hotels will have 57 units, while Candlewood Suites will operate 66 r­­­ooms for extended stays, bringing the benefits of both brands to Western Nebraska. Amenities include fitness center, open lobby area, and an outdoor gazebo with a canopy and outdoor kitchen/grill.

To celebrate this occasion, NGC hosted and coordinated a groundbreaking ceremony on the site of the future hotel. We were proud to have many our friends and partners in attendance to help us break ground and connect us with the wonderful community of North Platte through discussions and refreshments. And to commemorate this project, NGC commissioned “Candlewood Candles” made of an etched piece of wood, a red candle, and our logo branded into the wood.

Regarding the local impact, the North Platte Telegraph wrote an article on this development, and the impact that this project will have on the community of North Platte. The North Platte Bulletin wrote an article which details the effort leading up to the building of this hotel. Hotel Business also wrote an article on this innovative dual brand concept, and it’s benefit to the hotel’s guests. Being one of the first Avid & Candlewood Hotels in the Country, it is excellent to see North Platte be chosen for such a build.

Mike Works, owner of REV Development, is excited to help North Platte through his company’s ownership of the Avid Candlewood hotel. This is because the Candlewood Suites will provide extended lodging to railroad employees, traveling nurses, and more people. Gary Person, President & CEO of North Platte Chamber and Development is excited about Works’ continued involvement in North Platte. This is because his continuous investments into North Platte are helping their community.

Us at NGC are ready to give this hotel our best and are excited to see how our construction will help this great community!

Our friends who broke ground on this hotel were

1. Gary Person, President/CEO of North Platte Chamber and Development

2. Brandon Kelliher, Mayor of North Platte

3. Layne Groseth, Interim City Administrator of North Platte

4. Mike Works, Owner, REV Development

5. Tanner Letcher, Project Manager, NGC Group Inc

6. Shawn Adamek, Architectural Associate, Architectural Innovations

7. Josh Harm, Senior Vice President Business Banking, NebraskaLand Bank

8. Tad Haneborg, Partner, Higley LLC

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Please contact our webmaster regarding Avid Candlewood in North Platte, or to request information about NGC’s hospitality construction capabilities. Thank you!