Concrete Lofts West

The Telegraph District in Eastern Lincoln is really taking dramatic shape with NGC pouring concrete foundations at Lofts West! NGC’s Cole Jones, Senior Field Operations Manager, and Dave Ayala Concrete General Foreman, are busy directing concrete progress on site with Superintendent Eric Porter in layout of string lines via batter boards, pit creation for rebar mats and strategic pours. Lofts West is a new multi-family, mixed-use project, located at N & 21st, and will mirror its existing sister building called Telegraph Lofts East. Lofts West will be a twin of Lofts East, which is complete. West will have 36 apartments where East has 60 and East is 141,000 SF and West will be 84,000 SF. Both will have Mixed-Use Retail, Restaurant and Commercial dedicated spaces in combination with residential luxury apartment living on the upper floors. 

The Telegraph District is an exciting urban neighborhood reinvigoration development initiative that will incorporate living space with retail, restaurant, fitness, offices, outdoor patios and plenty of parking. The complex is pet friendly, (there is a pet wash annex adjacent to the underground parking!) has incredibly fast internet, and is surrounded by activity paths (Antelope Creek Trails)! Beautiful interiors among all the possible layouts with slow-closing cupboard doors, tall ceilings, ceiling fans, in-room laundry, wide hallways, large elevators with large balconies are perks found in all the Telegraph buildings. Top security, fast roll-up parking entry doors and smart lighting that’s pretty too! The decorative landscape rocks are actually ancient fossils quarried by Speedway Properties. Speedway’s antique telephone relics from the current museum will be dispersed among the Telegraph lobbies to create interesting showcases and pay homage to the area’s telegraph industry history. The Telephone museum items will relocate over several months to the Telegraph display areas and the current museum will eventually close. 

The Telegraph District is coming to fruition rapidly after several months of collaborative pre-planning and many discussions about how best to reinvigorate Eastern Lincoln and create a high-quality welcoming neighborhood. Telegraph District, located on 19-21st and O-L Streets, will continue to develop in to a mixed-use, close-knit urban neighborhood with apartments, work-live lofts, restaurants, retail, office and outdoor patio/pet space.



Please contact our webmaster regarding Telegraph Lofts West, NGC Concrete Division or NGC Telegraph District. Please call (402) 323-3294 to connect with a leasing agent to become a tenant at Telegraph Lofts East or Telegraph Flats. Thank you!