GC MAGAZINE August 2021: The city of Omaha is a major hub of commercial activity in the Midwest. Its economy is framed by the agriculture, education, food processing, healthcare, insurance, and transportation sectors. Thanks to the presence of these industries, Omaha enjoys continued economic growth every year.

If you are a business owner looking to build or remodel your Omaha commercial space, we’ve compiled a list of the best commercial contractors in Omaha, Nebraska. These are the contractors who can help you meet your project needs. Our editorial team selected these builders based on their local background and experience, as well as their ability to help businesses achieve their maximum potential by building and remodeling projects according to clients’ specific needs and goals.

NGC Group, Inc. is a commercial general contractor whose practice includes the implementation of innovative techniques and modern solutions that positively impact and improve local communities. NGC is an expert in living centers and the broad live-work construction industry spectrum, from historical renovations to multi-million dollar projects across the quint-state area. The firm’s experience spans multi-family, hospitality, office, retail, education, restaurants, alternative energy, mixed-use plazas and urban districts.

NGC’s outstanding work is represented through the Hilton Garden Inn in Aksarben Village in Omaha. The scope of the project involved the new construction of a five-story, 131-room hotel. To be more technically precise, the structure consists of a four-story wood frame on a one-story steel podium. The hotel includes a 3,200-square-foot event space, an indoor pool, a fitness center, a bar, and a full-service restaurant. In the construction process, there were some challenges, including the installation of windows to avoid schedule delays, the correction of a mislabeled sanitary sewer line, and the staging and installation of furniture items that were too large for the elevators and stairwells. NGC was quick to address these issues through early detection and collaboration. Now, the completed hotel enjoys a contemporary design that complements the city’s premier entertainment and shopping community.

NGC’s Omaha Office is nearing completion and will open soon: 106 N 18th Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68102


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