NGC is pleased to announce our support and sponsorship of a wonderful fundraiser for Pediatric Leukemia Research called “Ava’s Army Sugarplum Ball.” The event is near and dear to NGC’s hearts, and the non-profit organizers are so proud to report, as of November 16, 2021: Tickets are no longer available to attend this year’s Sugarplum Ball, due to being SOLD OUT and hitting the facility’s 500-person capacity, thereby surpassing their guest count goals for 2021! 

This is fantastic news, but there’s still work to do! While the event is Saturday Evening, December 11th in Omaha at the A View On State club, the charity founders have three important requests to fulfill:

  1. Please Donate online NOW to Ava’s Army
  2. Please Socially share Ava’s Army posts
  3. Please have conversations about Pediatric Leukemia needing funding so researchers can Find new methods to treat children

Please read the rest of this article as NGC wishes for you to not just support our employee’s daughter but the many children fighting cancer. NGC’s Senior Project Engineer, Brady Reinert, has a young daughter. Her name is Ava. She was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 4 in March 2017. She finished treatment 800 days later and that treatment came with some absolutely horrendous short-term and long-term side effects. Since Ava finished treatment in 2019 she has struggled with neuropathy due to the nerve damage from the chemotherapy as well as severe dental issues caused by the drugs and chemotherapy. This is because the treatment plan she was on, is the same treatment plan doctors have been using for 20 years. No advancements have been made, and these antiquated treatments are extremely poisonous for children. Childhood cancer research is devastatingly underfunded and kids have to fight severe and difficult battles just to maintain a basic livelihood. No child should fight this hard in this manner. Brady and his wife, Amanda, created Ava’s Army to help fund research to find a better, safer way to save childrens’ lives. To date, Ava’s Army, a 501c non-profit, has raised over $75,000 for Pediatric Leukemia Research and the first Sugarplum Ball raised $40,000 and had an attendance of 266 people. 

With a goal of raising $100,000 for research by December 31, 2021, the 2nd annual Ava’s Army Sugarplum Ball will take place December 11, 2021 at A View on State. For ticket holders, it will be a festive, formal family-friendly extravaganza. The evening features kid-friendly food, dancing, a visit from Santa, Sugarplum ballerinas, gourmet desserts, cash bar, crafts, games, photo-booth, Theme-Decorated Boutique Christmas Tree Auction, and a silent auction with trip/basket/toy/sport packages available! This extra-special ballroom environment is truly designed to create fond, unforgettable magical memories for families.

Silent Auction Items include: Hawaiian Condo, BBQ Kits, Themed Adult Beverage Baskets, Private Golf Lessons, American Girl Dolls, Themed Toy Baskets, Official Buffalo Trace Barrel and more!

Thanks to all the sponsors and donors for supporting a wonderful cause that not only helps parents of children needing treatment, but bestowing overflowing delight, enchantment and joy in the hearts of so many deserving kids.


Please contact our webmaster regarding Ava’s Army Sugarplum Ball, Pediatric Leukemia Research Funding or to request information about charities and sponsorships. Thank you!