NGC Tops Out Hotel Indigo in Silverthorne, Colorado at 9,035'

New Generation Construction appreciates each of the crews for their Top Out accomplishment at Hotel Indigo in Silverthorne, Colorado. Not only did the teams Top Out at 9,035 feet, but did so during wintertime in February! A short background on the construction site’s highland location: Silverthorne is a popular ski destination with many surrounding resorts. Embraced by mountains, the city averages 158 inches of snow per year. To gain some perspective on this massive amount of snowfall, Lincoln, Nebraska, where NGC is headquartered, averages 26 inches per year!

The Design team, Architectural Innovations and Align Design used a few themes of inspirations to convey a “neighborhood story.” By connecting the local scenic elements, the guests will experience a deep connection between the landscape and inhabitants of the community. This new construction is intended to blend naturally into its setting and portray a quiet traditional transformation. Adornments were selected with thoughtful consideration. Unique décor, stylish artistic finishes, and accents with renewed beauty will be incorporated to ensure a true reflection of the authentic wide-range of activities within the surrounding areas of Silverthorne. 

The field crews are currently installing exterior windows, storefronts, MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) rough-ins with insulation and drywall next on deck for the fourth floor. Most of the walls and ceilings are being finished and textured, along with EIFS on the south elevation. We’re in the midst of exterior façade and stone work.

Hotel Indigo, a boutique brand under the IHG umbrella, will have 111 guest rooms, across 73,000 SF among its four stories. Once completed in Fall of 2021, the available amenities will include a full-service restaurant bar, ski shop, fitness center, swimming pool and a board room. Thanks to all the team members at Hotel Indigo for attaining such an amazing milestone. The NGC project-field team consists of: Scott Meinke – Senior Project Manager, Tanner Letcher – Project Manager, Griffin Thomas – Project Engineer, Nick Sasse – Superintendent and David Hayes – Superintendent. A special thanks to Griffin Thomas for his drone-pilot talents in filming and producing the aerial footage.

What is incredible about this milestone and this project is the very tight parameters to construct in; the crews contend with an extremely constricted site. Hyatt Place is at a critical location in the downtown district directly adjacent to City Hall, Colorado Springs Municipal Court, the Colorado Springs Auditorium and a rock climbing facility. NGC operates within 6” of property lines and just 36” away from the existing, adjacent brick wall building. Last Fall, when the two-story precast columns were set, operators used strategic planning of crane picks to set with precision within 36” of the adjacent building! Again, incredible accomplishment!

Tidbit of Interest: The town of Dillion originally was built where Reservoir now exists. Silverthorne stood as a makeshift camp for the construction team working on the Reservoir. The Mint Restaurant, a historic restaurant within Silverthorne, was also relocated to the makeshift camp during the Reservoir construction. Following completion of construction many people made the ‘makeshift camp’ their home. Marking Silverthorne’s year of incorporation as 1967.

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NGC’s Hyatt Place Hotel in downtown Colorado Springs was within 6” of property lines and 36” of an adjacent building. Two-story precast columns were precisely set within 36” of the adjacent building through careful planning of crane picks.