NGC started an exciting dual-brand hotel project in Norfolk (pronounced Norfork). The Fairfield Inn and TownePlace Suites are a unique combination of two different hotels in one location. Offering short-term stay for guests at the Fairfield Inn and long-term suites for extended stay with TownePlace Suites, this hotel is different!

Site grading and underground plumbing already began this June with footings happening now and framing on deck for July. Paving is slated for Fall before the snow strikes. The project is scheduled to finish in one year’s time with a completion scheduled for Summer 2022. Consisting of 90 rooms, this is the first dual-brand Marriott hotel project in the state of Nebraska and one of only a few in the nation. The building will consist of 60% Fairfield Inn rooms and 40% TownePlace Extended Stay Suites.

From an indoor pool, a spacious dining area and a fitness center, there are great amenities for everyone. There will also be a meeting room, lounge area, an outdoor pergola covered patio with a gas fire pit, a sundry store and a guest laundry.

“This build is going to be very unique in that we have two brands colliding to create an experience for all. From the pool to the fitness room, nothing about this hotel screams ordinary. This will be very interesting, how it all comes together in the middle with ordinary rooms to suites with their own kitchens, this stop seems like it’s going to cover all the bases. I think the most exciting part to see is how the lobby, lounge and breakfast areas from two brands will come together to create one,” said NGC Superintendent Chris Stanford.

The project is coming to fruition rapidly after several months of collaborative pre-planning and many discussions on how best to incorporate the new build into the heart of Norfolk. Located at the Southeast corner of Omaha Avenue and 13th Street, this project will grow tourism in Norfolk in an area that is positioned for rapid development.



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