Framing Up Chateau at Yankee Hill; Luxury Clubhouse Construction to Start Soon

Chateau Framing Progress

NCG’s project at 44th & Yankee Hill is experiencing
smooth progress with the first building celebrating a top-out in October. This apartment complex, titled Chateau at Yankee Hill, will bring a luxury apartment community to the Yankee Hill neighborhood. This project will total more than 860 units once completed over several years, with the first building nearing completion having 163 keys. Amenities will include built-in underground parking, balconies, scenic views, and more. A pinnacle item under construction next will be the clubhouse, with fitness center, leasing office and lounge, providing a unique gathering spot for Chateau’s residents.

The overall progress and upcoming top-out is a result of “worker community” inspired by the project’s senior superintendent, Joe Hukill. Joe’s leadership and friendliness inspires a unique culture of camaraderie and teamwork to each project he leads. Joe also brings 34-years of experience to NGC and is well-known for his skillset and lengthy list of major projects completed. His experience in the industry and care for others goes a long way, and NGC is fortunate and grateful. The teams’ synergy at this site is admirable and pleasure to witness. During recent celebratory lunches and ownership meetings, attendees and guests were impressed with the bonding among teammates and everyone is excited to see what the crews will accomplish next.

With this project being a multi-year build, many partners are excited by the progress that has been made to this point. NGC will share updates about the work stages, and invite trades to the initial top-out ceremony planned for this fall; with multiple buildings in this nine-plex, the crews will have plenty of appreciation parties!

Yankee Hill Road is expected to reopen this December with an added lane for both directions and improved water flow for our growing city. As reported by KLIN, this construction will help modernize our roads for the incoming expansion of SE Lincoln. The interior streets within the Chateau complex for Phase 1 will be completed by early summer of 2023.


Please contact our webmaster regarding NGC’s concrete foundations, sequenced phases and large Multi-Family complexes. Additional about about Chateau’s properties can be found on their website.