High-quality commercial construction relies heavily upon decisions made early on in the project planning. We’ve assembled a talented team specifically dedicated to the challenges of the preconstruction process.

We’re committed to best-laid plans.

Proper planning early in the project is key to providing the best value to our clients. So, we’ve committed resources specifically to preconstruction whose sole focus is to implement the project parameters, including design needs, budget constraints, and schedule requirements.

Project planning

At the very infancy of a project, our preconstruction team develops a schedule to track the project from the day the first napkin sketch is created, all the way through substantial completion. This includes project design, due diligence, ownership’s development tasks, procurement, and construction. Planning to this level of detail keeps the team accountable and fosters a collaborative atmosphere throughout the process.

Defining project parameters

Understanding the site and existing conditions is vital for the team to lay out a plan outlining critical tasks and project contingencies. After identifying these critical tasks, we can develop a plan with the team to address any challenges.

Budgeting and value management

Early in the preconstruction phase, establishing a budget is key to project success. In collaboration with the owner and design team, we’ll work to maintain the project budget through the phases of design. We’ll also identify areas where we feel value can be added to the project without detracting from the project’s overall quality.

Our promise to you

We’re committed to making the entire construction process as easy and seamless as possible for our clients. By integrating the preconstruction process into the overall project timeline, we offer value to our clients that few can match. We’re committed to making each project a success, no matter the size or scope.