The end of the project is not the end of our relationship. In fact, we receive steady repeat business from clients who know our service continues long after construction is complete.

Support from start to finish — and beyond.

We take pride in every building we construct and stand behind our results. At NGC, we take the time to complete the punchlist, allow a client inspection, and complete contract closeouts.

Contract closeout

The last step in any of our commercial construction projects is to handle the contract closeouts. The closeout documents include proof that all equipment and maintenance demonstrations required by the contract have been successfully completed and all regulatory documents have been properly submitted. Our team takes pride in providing a seamless transition as the project comes to an end.


Each building we construct needs to meet our standards. But more importantly, it needs to meet your standards. We ask all our clients to inspect the project to guarantee the work is completed according to the contract agreement. Once ownership and the project team have successfully accomplished the final punchlist and contract closeout, our warranty program is implemented.

Our warranty manager will meet with the owner to review the process for communicating any possible warranty issues. Then, our team will schedule an 11-month walk-through based on the contract date for warranty implementation. As items are communicated, our warranty manager will log each one with its status and notes, and we’ll provide updates until all items are closed.

Our promise to you

Our team is committed to your project — and our relationship — long after the final nail. We’ll continue to work closely with you through the post-construction process to ensure questions are answered and needs are met. We take pride in our actions matching up to our words.