Happy Birthday Justin: Over The Hill Surprise Party Success!

Happy Birthday Justin Hernandez, You’re officially Over the Hill! Everyone at NGC Group Inc. had a lot of fun pulling off this surprise party! NGC’s lobby was converted into a “manor foyer” with antique decorations, butterscotch candies, orange circus peanuts, tissue boxes, old family photographs, classic oil paintings and knitted doilies and afghan throws! We’ll play bridge, gin rummy and bingo later after we all nap… lol. Justin’s office was filled with balloons, notes, and medicinal necessities: muscle ache creams, bran-fiber treats, and walkers equipped with tennis balls for rascal-ing around sans friction! NGC’s lounge became a cafeteria with delicious Salisbury steak, gravy, mashed potatoes, Jell-O, and pudding! We had a blast dressing like octogenarians – Must admit the ortho shoes, compression socks and clip-on suspenders are incredibly comfortable! Cheerio and Good Humbuggery to a swell, cat’s meow, flapdoodle, far out person: Justin, enjoy your day! From all of your Horse Feather friends! Special thanks to Eagle Printing, Stauffer’s Café, Justin’s Family, and NGCers Linda, Amy, Kelly, Jen & Lindsey.



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