Nearly 100 guests gathered in North Platte, Nebraska for a Ground Break and Brand Reveal Ceremony. On Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 9:30 am, local officials announced the new brand name for the North Platte Mall as: District 177. Key leaders also turned dirt with NGC-logo shovels, toasted edible Oreo ‘dirt’ in champagne flutes and thanked everyone for their support in revitalizing the Mall after decades of decline. The lovely reception after the ceremony offered drinks, snacks, gifts, store discounts and movie passes to all the guests.

For more details, please read The North Platte Telegraph article here, NBC KNOP here, ABC NTV here, FOX KFXL here, The North Platte Post here, The North Platte Bulletin here, or see District 177’s new website here. Thanks to all who attended this wonderful, good-hearted event.

This public event was hosted at 1000 South Dewey Street at the North Platte Mall construction site. The ceremony began at 9:30 am, outside by the Mall’s north entrance, near the NGC jobsite trailer. Guests listened to local community officials speak, which included the never-before announcement to reveal the Mall’s New Brand Name, then hosts were photographed as they turned dirt with their shovels along side the red carpet to mark the official launch of this exciting project! Refreshments, treats and special offers were available inside the Mall following the ceremony.

Event eVite is Here; Please share any comments with the North Platte organizers.

Thanks to all of the hosts for making this special occasion and the redevelopment improvements possible:
The Platte River MallThe City of North PlatteNGC Group, Inc.REV Development, and Architectural Innovations.

The North Platte Mall will remain OPEN during renovation. There are two projects; The first is the redevelopment of The North Platte Mall and the other is the new North Platte Mixed-Use Retail and Apartments building. Both are scheduled to complete in multiple phases, wrapping up in 2022 with final completions in 2023.

The existing 125,000 SF North Platte Mall will undergo renovations in multiple phases over the next two years. The North Platte Mixed-Used Building will be a 146,767 SF four-story structure consisting of retail space on the first level, with 96 apartments on levels two, three and four. There will also be 32 garages for residents. The 484,000 SF site will receive new paving, sidewalks, utilities and landscaping along with some new building façade.

Thank you for joining us on September 14th, it was a beautiful, sunny, perfect weather morning!

Professional Photography by Jessica Braithwait.


Please contact our webmaster regarding North Platte Mall and North Platte Mixed Use Retail & Apartments or to request information about the ground breaking ceremony. Thank you!