The radiant glow of the sun consistently shined down on NGC crews as construction of Allora 168 commenced. This is a 18-building multi-family complex on 17 acres, and is destined to help with the housing shortage in Omaha. The first three buildings, the 11-Plex, 9- Plex and Clubhouse, are under construction and progressing smoothly with site utility work and excavation. The first building, the 11-Plex, already has footings, STEM walls, underground plumbing and electrical completed; this will be the first building to have its concrete slab poured. After framing and going vertical, crews will begin working on clubhouse parking, more apartments and two garages.

NGC is proud to partner with APOGEE and Metonic Real Estate Solutions for an amazing new “apartminium” project in Gretna, Nebraska called Allora 168. The site broke ground with a simple announcement and commencement of earth moving equipment. With the original ceremony scheduled for July 6th being rained out, NGC is glad to get underway on the project.

Located along 168th Street & Highway 370 on 17 acres of land, Allora 168 will feature 182 apartminium homes with high-end finishes and innovative amenities. As said by APOGEE in their blog on the Apartminium concept, “the goal of an apartminium complex is to provide the amenities of a condominium in an apartment development.” Because of this, the Allora 168 complex will provide residents with apartminium amenities such as “a pool, clubhouse, fitness center, and pet park.”

Allora 168 is headed up by Metonic Real Estate Solutions and APOGEE Professional Services, who are both looking to provide a solution to the Omaha Metro’s housing shortage. Metonic looks to invest their resources in the growth of Omaha’s economy by providing real estate solutions to new residents of Omaha’s expanded areas. APOGEE also works in tandem with Metonic to provide real estate solutions in management, design, and marketing of properties throughout Omaha and beyond.

APOGEE’s President, Kassie Inness, has said in a video announcement how she is excited about the opportunity this complex has to help the eventual growth of the Gretna Community. With the city’s shortage of housing, Kassie is proud of the all-inclusive pricing that Allora 168 will provide for the Gretna market. As said in this eGround Break video post from APOGEE, the benefits of Allora 168, will not be limited to onsite amenities. The location of the complex is conveniently by Interstate-80 for easy access to the rest of the city, a soon to be open Hy-Vee grocery store, and the Chalco Hills Recreation Area.

NGC’s team on the Allora project is composed of these fine individuals: Brian Semerad Project Manager, Cory Claussen Superintendent, Karla Hernandez Project Engineer and Ingrid Tate Project Administrator.

NGC is looking forward to seeing the benefits and impacts that this project will have on the Omaha & Gretna Communities, and all that the team behind this project will accomplish.


Please contact our webmaster regarding Allora 168 Gretna, or to request information about NGC’s Multi-Family, Urban Complex construction capabilities. Thank you!