NGC Canopy Park Crane Steel

New Generation Construction, NGC, is active at Canopy Park, located at N and Canopy Streets in Lincoln. The construction progress can be seen from highway 34’s overpass. NGC has two cranes operating, with field teams detailing out the south steel tower at roof level with the hydro crane. The main structural steel on the north tower is being set. After that, the remaining precast stair/elevator towers will be tended to by the crawler crane. Teams will begin grouting the hollow core on the south half in preparation for a SOD pour, which is scheduled for March. Footings will continue at Canopy Park’s building line between NGC’s site and the adjacent Deck 4 construction site. Electrical underground on the south of the project will continue to run to the T1 transformer on the south side too. Heating and Cooling has been tied in to the DEC, and CPT testing of the soil densities after the shoring was installed using a vibratory hammer.

Canopy Park is a multi-family, mixed-use U-shape complex that will surround a central courtyard with artificial turf, outdoor grilling stations and a pool. This 218,000 SF residential complex will consist of 253 apartments on 6-stories with commercial space on the first floor along the east side geared for tenant space build-outs. One area can easily become a restaurant.

NGC’s Field Superintendent Shawn Larabee said, “All trades are doing well and Canopy Park is on pace. This exciting project is scheduled to complete in late summer 2022.”  


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