Allora 168 is progressing very well throughout the winter! NGC is constructing an 18-building apartminium complex in Gretna, Nebraska. Located along 168th Street and Highway 370  on 17 acres, this multi-family addition should help alleviate the local housing shortage. Along with the 18 apartminium buildings, is a clubhouse with several amenities and multiple detached garage buildings to better serve the tenants. The first buildings, an 11-Plex, 9- Plex and Clubhouse, are the first to go vertical. Utility work and retaining walls are moving along steadily with crews slated to begin paving soon.

Building 1 is just finishing drywall and is about to start finishes on the interior. The exterior stone and siding is about 90% complete and is looking great! It is an exciting milestone when finishes start going in. Building 2, 3, and the Clubhouse are all in various stages of rough-in and insulation. Several garages and apartminium buildings also have foundations going in or are being framed.

Senior Project Manager Brian Semerad said, “We have almost made it through the first winter of the project and it has been a challenging one for sure! We have endured above average precipitation, snow, and extreme cold and were unable to work many days throughout the winter. Despite the challenges thrown at us by mother nature, we have made some great progress and we are still on schedule!”

NGC is proud to partner with Apogee and Metonic Real Estate Solutions to build new apartminium homes with high-end finishes and innovative amenities. Tammie Dodge, Apogee Development Project Manger said, “We hope to see our first building turned over later this year [2023].” For all leasing needs and questions please contact Metonic’s Asset Manager Laura Schoening

NGC’s project team: Brian Semerad Senior Project Manager, Trevor Carstens Project Manager, Cory Claussen Superintendent, Chris Stanford Superintendent, and Ingrid Tate Project Administrator.


Please contact our webmaster regarding Allora 168 Apartminiums, or to request information about NGC’s Multi-Family, Urban Complex construction capabilities. Thank you!